What I Love About the Holiday: Wrapping Gifts

If you ask my little sister, my gift wrapping is subpar. If you ask me, my gift wrapping is pretty good. By no means am I the greatest gift wrapper but does it still bring me joy? Absolutely.

I can remember growing up with my grandmother living with us for a period of time. During Christmas time she would wrap gifts for my brother, sister, and me but this is strictly upon request. The older we became the more comfortable we were wrapping our own gifts. I wrapped my own gifts but still in the presence of her because it gave me all the holiday feels.

I remember brother, sister, and me taking turns with grandma as a gift wrapper in an attempt to hide what we bought for one another. And we were successful. Two of us would stick together while the third would go off gift wrapping with grandma. And though I asked and pressured her, grandma never told me what gifts I was going to receive.

If you ask me, my wrapping skills improve with each year, and next on my list of things to learn is how to tie a bow with ribbon.

I’ve been practicing the act of using this tape as my sister suggested. I’m still not the greatest but I still love the act. I love the act of going to the store and picking out the wrapping paper and name tags. While my Christmas shopping is done online, there's nothing like going to the store and selecting your own holiday decorations. It's something about seeing each decoration in person, each vibrate color, sparkle and texture, that makes going to the stores during this time of year a joy for me.

While I wrap gifts I often think of my grandmother and get lost in the memories sometimes. After all gifts are wrapped I place them under the Christmas tree. Sometimes I just sit and watch the scene of the mutli-colored packages under the tree. If you ask me, gifts under the tree just gives it a completely finished look.

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