What I Love About the Holiday: Quality Time

My birthday is December 25th so growing up that was a day full of good food and family that traveled from far and near to indulge in quality time. As I’m sure you can relate when you have family from out of town and out of state, you don’t tend to see them often throughout the years. So to be able to see my entire family on my birthday each year was something I looked forward to.

Some people go to eat at fancy restaurants for their birthday but for mine I always consume a home-cooked meal. Though it's typically a holiday feast versus a birthday dinner I never have any complaints. I also indulge in homemade desserts which typically included apple pie and sweet potato pie. Apple pie is my absolute favorite.

Growing up my family would present me with a birthday cake but the older I become the less interested in cake I become. My family still sings happy birthday and deliveries my birthday gift in happy birthday branded wrapping paper and bags.

I've never had a party for my birthday. I feel like it's hard enough coordinating winter birthdays and encouraging people to travel through snow and slush to celebrate with you, let alone if planning a get together when your birthday is on a holiday. Having a party near or on Christmas was just something I never had and something I grew accustomed to. And it's something I didn't mind. Like I said, I had my family.

I've been lucky enough to have friends who don't mind celebrating with me on my actual birthday, though I beg them not to. Before the 25th is over, I not only receive my share of birthday calls and texts, but I'm also typically graced with my friends' stopping by to say happy birthday and drop off a gift.

Over the past few years, I've hosted my own birthday shindig where my dedicated friends travel through snow and slush to celebrate with me.

This time of year is always exciting to me as I never get tired of lounging all day, stuffing my face with good food, and seeing the faces of my loved ones.

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