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Since the pandemic I've been working from home and as my time at home increases, so does my need for comfort. I work in the marketing department for my full time position and am required to sit in front of a computer creating content eight hours a day. I need to be comfy for every hour.

Since being in quarantine and working from home, I've made more time to go through my closets and evaluate the clothing inside. I stumbled upon give-away pieces that I was no longer enthused with, pieces that had never been worn and still had a price tag, and pieces like these, that I still adored but had not worn in a long time.

I bought these lounge pieces from Torrid a year ago but did not wear them often. While Torrid categorizes these as sleep and loungewear, I recall wearing these pieces not just in the house, but also to work.

When I first unboxed the clothes after ordering them, I completely forgot the pieces were loungewear. I think work saw them first before my home and my bed.

The fact that I can wear these tunics as they're intended, as loungewear, but also as an outfit to go out and be seen in is why I love them so much.

I typically pair these tunics with leggings when I plan t go out and be seen. The tunics are comfy and so are leggings which makes for a look that's completely comfy. An outfit like this is great for fall and winter.

Occasionally, I'll throw a vest or jacket on with these as well.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of pairing these tunics with jeans but I don't hate the look. I don't typically pair jeans with long shirts or shirts that fall well below my waistline, which is the main reason I don't style the tunics in this fashion.

If you're not like me in that aspect, you'll probably appreciate the look a bit more than me. Again, this outfit would work well during the colder months.

P.S. As you can see, these tunics are available in different colors. I bought my pieces about a year ago so my colors are no longer available but there is currently a plush pink one in stock. It's a cute, soft color and something I might just have to add to my cart.

Overall, I love a piece of clothing that can serve multiple purposes and allow for a variety of looks.

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