Tucked or Untucked?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I never used to tuck my shirt in. And when I say never, I do mean never. For the longest time, I did not like the tucked look on me and I was insecure about how it made my midsection look. I felt that the tucked shirts just drew more attention to my midsection which was one of the main parts of my body I was hellbent on concealing.

I hated the look on me growing up, but I adored it on others.

The older I became, the more I saw women, both straight and plus sized, wearing their shirts tucked and I became envious of how well sad women looked. They looked great.

It wasn’t until my adult years that I tried the tucked look again and this time around I had a lot more confidence and a lot more love and acceptance for my body.

During my time in middle school we were required to wear uniforms. A pale yellow shirt with a hideous brown pattern skirt. To my disdain all students were required to wear their shirts tucked in. Middle school me was not happy. I was short and overweight and always carried a lot of weight in my midsection. I wouldn’t say I was miserable waking up and putting on that dreaded outfit every day but I definitely was not happy, nor was I confident, and I made an effort to stay away from mirrors.

At that time it also didn't help that there were not many middle schoolers who looked like me. Most of the girls in my class and that I passed in the hallways regularly were taller and less round. They didn't carry extra weight their midsections. To me, they looked normal.

I won’t lie, one of the highlights of graduating from middle school was not just being valedictorian but also leaving that ugly uniform before. I went to high school and was relieved when we were given a dress code. A list of shirt and pant colors that we could play around with, to mix and match for a semi-professional look. Thankfully, we weren't required to tuck in our shirts.

Once I got to high school I had acquired more self-confidence and self love. I had also lost weight during the summer before high school began and was excited to shop for clothes with a smaller number on them.

Four quick years later, I went to campus with the most confidence that I ever had. During that time I was focused on getting out in 4 years after switching majors and declaring a minor but "look good, feel good" was a saying I tried to live by.

I was never one of those college kids that wore sweats every day or recycled the same shirt or pants weekly. I wore real outfits to class, ones that included dresses, tops, pants and jeans. On days where lecture wasn’t super early (you know, early for the average college kid) I found time to play around with my clothing options.

I went to the mall occasionally throughout my four years so I maintained a somewhat updated wardrobe with a decent amount of items to mix and match.

After college I entered the professional working world. By this time my confidence and self-love level was at 110%. I was excited to shop for business casual clothes because I had the freedom to style myself however I liked.

With my new marketing position and new wardrobe, I tucked my shirt in with almost every outfit. Honestly I wasn’t super aware that I was doing it at first either.

My sister made a comment to me one day referencing how often I tucked my shirt, remembering a time when I would never do something like that.

After that I owned it.

Not to brag, but throughout the years at my job I've also received a variety of compliments on my outfit, style choices, and accessories.

To this day I tuck my shirt in whenever I can. Growing up I hated some things about my body and I hated the thoughts that came with not loving myself. I'm so happy I'm not that girl anymore.

I am a curvy girl and I am pear shaped and I think tucked shirts look great on pears. I still believe tucked shirts draw attention to my midsection but these days I'm okay with that.

Lowkey, another reason I'm a fan of the tucked look is my short torso.

Ladies? Tucked or untucked?

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