Transition From Summer to Fall Without a New Wardrobe

Summer is over and Fall had officially began. Temps are getting colder and if you're anything like me, I bet you’re toying with the idea of buying a new wardrobe and storing those summer outfits away until next year.

You may be worried about bringing those clothes into the new season, fearing that it's too cold for those fits or that they're simply out of season. However, the frugal side of me has been working towards spending less on clothes from time to time and I've learned that it's not always necessary to store away clothes you spent money on and have only worn a couple times out the year to turn around and spend more for the new season.

I've learned to recycle clothes season to season so here are some ways to have a great fall wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Dress, leggings, and boots

I don't wear dresses that often during the Fall. Not unless I'm celebrating an event. It may sound crazy but it's perfectly fine to wear dresses during the colder months. A simple way to keep your dresses in rotation this time of year is by pairing them with leggings and/or tall boots. Both aid in covering your exposed skin and keeping your legs warm.


You know that jean jacket you paired with a combination of outfits during the summer? Try swapping it out for a leather one. I'm a jacket lover and have a variety of denim and leather jackets in my closet. Even if you're not a jacket lover like me, I recommend investing in a cute, comfy leather jacket this season. Rather it be faux or authentic, a leather jacket is an essential for any wardrobe and for the cold seasons. It’s the perfect piece to complete an outfit and never goes out of style.

Add some boots and you’re good to go.


This may seem obvious, but layering is always a must, not just for transitioning but for the fall season in general. Those t-shirts and camis can simply be worn under jackets, hoodies, pullovers, cardigans, and button-ups.


A simple fix is to just throw a long coat over everything. A long-lined coat is an essential for the season as it adds a chic and sophisticated touch to any outfit, not to mention it’ll keep you warm while wearing some of thinner items the previous season.


I know I've mentioned boots more than once (or twice) in this post but sneakers are also great footwear for the Fall. Sneakers look great with a variety of outfits including sweaters, jeans, and sweatpants.

What items do you recycle season to season?

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