Teyana Taylor Becomes the First Black Woman to be Named Maxim's 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

Teyana Taylor has become the first black woman to be named Maxim's sexiest woman alive and I love to see it!

Teyana graced the cover of the July/August "Hot 100" issue. She is beautiful, and has a successful career, and an amazing body. I am not particularly partial to Teyana but I am partial to black women and their achievements.

One thing to know about me, I love Black people, I love seeing Black people in positive lights, and I love seeing Black people succeed.

An extension of that, I also love seeing Black people recognized for their beauty. It took years for Black men and women to be recognized as beautiful.

For years, we were actually considered quite the opposite. Even as our physical aspects were coveted by others, it still took way too long for us to be recognized as beautiful.

That being said it took Maxim 26 years to select and recognize a Black woman as the sexiest woman alive. Almost three decades, that's a decent amount of time, and it’s a bit absurd that the magazine took so long to recognize Black women.

For years, the magazine has seemingly blatantly disregarded Black women who are equally beautiful and sexy who have yet to be chosen for the magazine.

Thank goodness for my mom's subscriptions to Essence, Ebony, and Jet magazines. Thank goodness I grew up seeing Black faces featured on the cover of magazines and read success stories about people with my skin color. I was exposed to stories and advertisements surrounding everything from Black beauty, fashion, and hair to love, health, and finances.

Thank goodness I learned early that Black is beautiful because it is and has been, everyone else is late to the party. Thank goodness I learned to love the skin I'm in early because it seems like society's mission to tear you down and make you feel otherwise. Thank goodness I know and seen beautiful, sexy Black women, then and now.

Teyana definitely deserves the name of sexiest woman alive because she truly is beautiful and has an exceptional body but for her to be the first black woman ever and it's 2021 is disturbing and disappointing.

I took to the internet and was proud to see I wasn't the only one with this issue. How do you feel about Teyana Taylor being on the cover of Maxim? Did you see her pics (cause they were everything)? What are your thoughts on her being the first black woman to be named sexiest woman alive?

This is a good one too.

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