Tagged Item Part 2

Have you ever gone through your closet and stumbled upon something you’ve never worn as evident by the price tag still attached to it? And then when you finally wear it, it’s a little too big?

I did recently 😔 but oh well because these pants are super cute.

Tagged Item - Checked Knitted High Waist Pants from Boohoo

I've shopped at Boohoo a decent amount of times and I'm a fan. They're clothes are really inexpensive and while you get what you pay for, I've had no issues with the quality of the clothing. These pants were no different.

These checked pants were super comfy and cute. I love the design and have been eyeing some of Boohoo's other checked pants. They offer a variety of patterns and colors.

The only issue with these pants, as I mentioned, they're a bit too big. I bought the pants at the beginning of the year, before the pandemic hit and we were required to quarantine. Eleven months later I'm a few inches smaller and a few pounds lighter, and these pants emphasize that.

Checked Knitted High Waist Pants from Boohric just hanging out around the crotch area, which I absolutely hate. Since these are pants with no belt loop, there's no way for me to keep them up on my waist like I would like so unfortunately, these probably still won't see much light of day.

I'm trying to convince my best friend to put her sewing machine to good use and make alterations to my clothes. Like these Boohoo pants, some clothes that are ill-fitting are not clothes that I necessarily want to part ways with so if I could just alter them to fit me better, that would be the preferable solution,

If you have suggestions on how to alter the waistband of pants, feel free to let me know.

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