Tagged Item Part 1

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I love to shop, in general, but especially for clothes and accessories, and when I shop for clothes I don’t typically buy just one or two items. Usually when I shop, I shop. I I buy a number of items at a time and, occasionally, somewhere down the line an item or two gets neglected.

A few years ago I noticed that I would randomly come across pieces of clothing in my closet with the tag still on them. For a while, these tagged items continued to stay in my closet but as of lately I've been trying to change that.

To this day I'm still a culprit of finding tagged clothes in my closet. In a way, stumbling upon unworn items is fun. It’s like having a new piece of clothing without the financial repercussion. Seeing something with a tag is seeing something new, untouched and unused. And it’s exciting to have new things.

Since stumbling upon tagged clothes is a habit I can’t seem to break just yet, I decided to share and discuss my fashion finds. The best assumption I can make about the situation is that I buy new clothes but do not immediately wear everything from the purchase, and then I buy a whole new set of clothes, making the new set of clothes a priority and moving the older new clothes to the back of my mind. And the back of my closet. And the cycle just continues.

As I stumble upon tagged items, these are very much so items that I don't regret purchasing and want to wear. These items are also well past the return date so I really don’t have a choice but to wear these eventually.

Some of these clothes have moved from home to home with me before getting any love and attention but I would like to feature the pieces that I come across because like I said they are cute and should be seen.

When I look at the items I can typically recall when and where I bought it along with some of the other items that were bought at that time. Actually the when part is sometimes a bit fuzzy. And if I ever get a little fuzzy on the where part, the tag attached to each item will clear that right up.

Tagged Item - Blue Poncho from Dressbarn

Not only is the color and pattern of the poncho beautiful, but the poncho itself was very comfy. It's lightweight, perfect for spring and summer, and the open design makes it very roomy.

I'm not sure what took me so long to wear this because when I did I absolutely oved it and received a lot of compliments on it. I styled the poncho with over a plain tank top with jeans.

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