Updated: Sep 29, 2020

She knew her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her, knew she saw what she thought she saw. Though she turned away so quickly, she was certain. He had stolen from her. From her special drawer.

She didn’t think she needed to close it all the way, but through the slight opening of the drawer he had slid his hand.

Not even seconds later she watched that same hand resurface, colorful fabric peeking from his fist, and she watched him shove it into the left pocket of his jeans. The action was so swift, but undeniable.

She didn’t know what to say. How could he steal from her? It’s so freely, without even waiting for her to leave the bedroom?

How could she address the situation? He wasn’t some random she could just curse out and demand not to come back. Well she could, but this was her boyfriend and she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to have to address it, at all.

How many times had he been to her bedroom? Countless. Now she thought of all the times she granted him access to her room unattended, to her personal space with her personal things. Now she thought of all the things that may have been stolen, things that she didn’t witness being taken and had no way to account for.

She hated to think of him as some sleaze. But maybe he was.

She should say something. She had to. Or she'd think of it every time she saw him. Every time she invited him back to this room, she'd wonder why he did it. Every time she looked around the room, she'd wonder why he did it. She'd wonder which item was missing. How many were missing.

She knew she couldn’t look at him the same or be content if she didn’t address this right here and now. She was speechless but she could also feel words coming up, ready to escape without giving her mind any time to think first. She hoped what she said next wouldn't ruin things. Or did she care? She was feeling so many things at once. She was shocked, upset, confused.


Startled, forgetting she wasn’t alone with her thoughts, she dropped the lip gloss waiting to be applied out of her hand. Her boyfriend's voice broke the silence.

She picked up the gloss and applied a layer before turning in her boyfriend's direction again. She nodded her head as he approached her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. He grabbed her left hand and led her out of her room. She eyed the drawer on her way out. Eyeing the drawer and the mix of colors and fabrics hidden within, she used her right index and middle finger to push the drawer closed completely.

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