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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

One challenge that I’m learning to deal with is my short torso, and stature in general. I’m 5’3” and have been since about the 5th grade. My height doesn’t bother me though. Anymore.

I remember being young and being teased by my aunt. She’d always say, "You’re going to be short."

"Your little sister is going to be taller than you."

Yeah right. At that age I constantly disregarded the remarks, calling BS on the whole thing. Of course I wasn't going to be short. Surely I would keep growing. My big brother grew to six feet.

Well I guess my aunt could see the future. I seemed to have stopped growing after middle school and my little sister is indeed taller than me, by about an inch and a half, which is just enough for her to use to taunt me.

I've grown to love my height but I still blame my aunt for stunting my growth. That, or my brief stint with gymnastics.

I’ve been this height and body type for years. It's been an ongoing process learning the outfits that flatter my body.

One issue I have with my short torso is wearing regular tops. Regular tops are always longer than I'd like and sometimes bunch up around my midsection, and it's usually more visible from the back.

My solution has been to wear more crop tops and tuck my shirts in. I love just about anything cropped, shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, and these crop tops basically fit like a regular shirt on me since I barely have a torso/stomach to crop. I'm not a fan of regular tops that fall past the hip and waistline so I tuck the access fabric.

I've read a variety of articles that advise against wearing crop tops, suggesting that we short torso folks choose items that elongate the body. Short tops and jackets will simply "showcase your mini torso." I've also read articles that don't recommend tucking the shirt with the argument that if you tuck your shirts, you'll make your torso look shorter.

I have a short torso and short legs. My short legs present a set of issues as well. For instance, regular pants are sometimes too long. I have this issue mostly with work pants and some flared pants and jeans.

My solution, I haven't found a great one just yet but I do like to wear high-waisted pants to help my legs look longer. Where I see fit, I throw on a pair of booties to keep my long pants from dragging but I've also become a fan of cropped pants, especially work pants, joggers, and jeans.

Learning how to dress my body has led me to love tucked shirts, high-waisted pants, and crop tops. What about you?

I came across this spot-on, yet entertaining, article discussing the struggles of having a short torso. Below are a few that I highlighted that apply to me in particular, but you can find the full list of struggles here.

  • Normal sized t-shirts do not look normal. They extend halfway down your leg. #Awkward.

  • If you dare wear high-waisted shorts, your stomach is like, literally four inches tall.

  • Crop-tops are basically normal t-shirts because you don’t have a stomach to crop.

  • You can do all the crunches and sit-ups in the world, but your flat stomach is still a semi-awkward stomach.

  • You will always look shorter than your younger siblings. (And that’s because they were blessed with the long-leg gene. A$$holes.)

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