Self Care Tips For Valentine’s Day

I'm an advocate for self care daily and the day for love and affection is no exception. This Valentine's Day, show yourself some love and affection. The relationship with your loved ones is important to you but your relationship with yourself is just as important, so show yourself some extra love this holiday.


If you're not regularly getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, (because really, who does?) then this is a great time to focus on catching more Zs. Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, so spend some extra time in bed this weekend. It's the perfect way to reenergize for the day and week ahead.

Don't downplay the power of sleep/rest. Studies have shown a certain amount of hours of sleep improves a variety of functions relating to our health and well being.

Treat yourself to something nice

Whether it be flowers, assorted chocolates, or new jewels, treat yourself to a gift. It can be as pricey or inexpensive as you like. The goal is to do something that will boost your mood. You deserve to be happy and enjoy yourself on a regular basis.

Enjoy a meal you love

If you're like me, you love to eat good food whenever you can get your hands on it. Whether your meal is prepared by those hands or bought from a tasty restaurant, treating yourself to your favorite flavors is a nice way to show yourself love.

Pamper yourself

My hair, nails, and wax has already been complete but Valentine's Day is a great day to be pampered by others as well as yourself. Give yourself that manicure or facial you've been putting off, or run a bath, light a candle, put on a face mask, maybe add a glass of wine and just chill out.


Did the new year sneak up on you? Did you blink and it was already February? I've been there. Use this day to reflect or refresh goals, and set new goals. Journal about the past year, the beginning of 2021, and take note of ways to care for yourself now and in the future.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine's Day, make sure you take the time to de-stress, whatever that looks like for you. Be kind to yourself and put yourself first every once in a while.

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