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Updated: Feb 26

It’s interesting thinking about the things that excite us/ the things we look forward to now versus as a child. I often think about the future and sometimes thinking of the future gives me things to look forward to and things to get excited about. Sometimes when thinking of the future, my mind drifts to the past as well. I was recently thinking of my blog and the things I would like to incorporate in the future, and I started reminiscing.

Growing up, one of the things that excited me most, and that I looked forward to, was my summers in Lansing. Each summer my brother, sister and I would pack our bags and spend the summer with our two aunts. I remember the excitement of packing sleeping bags and suitcases decorated with our favorite cartoon characters. I remember having a pink Lion King sleeping bag, Nala more specifically, that I traveled with each time. I wonder what ever happened to that thing.

I also remember the excitement going to sleep the night before and waking up ready for the trip. We'd always take the trip in the morning, so we could make the most of the day. I recall the car rides, somewhat. I remember getting in the car for the trip and falling asleep each and every time. As a child I could never make it through the hour and a half car ride to Lansing, always falling asleep somewhere on the freeway and waking up as we pulled into the apartment's parking lot. As a child I really perceived the trip to be a lone one, like road trip long.

When in Lansing, we did a number of things to pass the days, everything from cooking, binge watching movies, and shopping to playing in the backyard, riding our bikes, and barbecuing. Between my two aunts, there was never a dull moment and that brought me great joy.

Sometimes I would get a bonus and my mom would stay in Lansing with us for a day or two before going home because there is no summer break for adults. Occasionally our cousins would accompany us on the trip and sometimes even my grandma packed her bags and stayed up there for a while. Good times.

I’m not quite sure when our summer trips to Lansing stopped. Maybe they ended as a result of my siblings and I getting older and taking on more responsibilities with age, or my aunts taking on more responsibilities. Who knows? But even reminiscing on those moments brings me joy. Thinking of the countless trips makes me smile and a different event stands out each time I think back.

Again, it’s interesting thinking about the things that we look forward to as a child versus as an adult. It did not take much to impress me as a child. Honestly I don’t think it takes much to impress me as an adult. The things I look forward to now, as a 20 something-year-old, include sleep for one.

It’s funny that when you’re a kid you don’t really want to sleep but as an adult you can’t get enough of it. I don’t sleep horribly, all the time, but I rarely get 7 or 8+ hours. I’m not a napper, for some reason my body just never relaxes enough throughout the day to allow me to sleep but when it’s bedtime I definitely look forward to climbing in my bed and getting under the blankets.

As an adult I also look forward to meal time. As a child I probably looked forward to this as well but as an adult I love food and rarely pass it up.

As an adult I also look forward to downtime. As a child I’m not sure how much downtime I utilized or even wanted but as an adult I can’t get enough of it. I do a number of things in my downtime from reading and writing to cleaning, watching TV, and playing games on my phone. Regardless of what I’m doing I relish in my downtime, especially now that it's my "busy season" at work and have been working 50+ hours a week. Also during my downtime, sometimes I just like to sit on my ass and do nothing.

As an adult I look forward to shopping. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed getting and buying new things when I was younger but there’s no doubt about how much I love to shop these days.

As an adult I look forward to shower time. As a child I enjoyed showers, but after working 40+ hours a week and socializing and fulfilling other obligations no matter how big or small, it’s nothing like a nice, hot shower. Regardless of if the shower comes at night or at the start of the day, it’s one of the most relaxing things to me.

Adulting ain't easy but it doesn't have to be horrible and these small things make adulting less painful. There's something exciting about having something to look forward to. If you don't have a routine or hobby you do regularly, I recommend finding something that brings you joy, something to look forward to in your moments of stress or sadness. Taking time for yourself, doing things for yourself that you enjoy is a form of self care, and you should always find time for self care, even if it's simply 10 or 15 minutes.

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