Non-Conventional To-Do Lists

I love writing and using to-do lists, and have for years. I can't function without putting pen to paper daily and setting my intentions for the day, week, or month. It's a huge part of what keeps me sane and organized week to week. I have multiple to-do lists for different aspects of my life such as a list for my personal goals versus my work goals.

Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of to-do lists and encourage everyone to use them. Even if you're not a pen and paper person, there are a number of apps available to use to keep a to-do list on your phone, tablet, or computer. unlike paper and pen, apps are a great resource because they can alert you of upcoming tasks or events, or send you reminders as frequently or infrequently as you'd like.

There are a number of benefits to using to-do lists from prioritizing tasks (obviously), to being more organized/productive, to experiencing less stress around completing tasks.

I recently stumbled upon an article on Forge on 7 Life-Changing, Non-Boring Spins on the To-Do List. The title, calling out to-do lists, immediately caught my attention. The article was cool and creative, and discussed a variety of non-traditional lists that we could be using that we're not. I've started creating a few lists from the article and I'm actually having a fun time with it so I wanted to share some of these lists with you, and encourage you to create new lists too.

“Done” List

Make a “done” list to list the various things you’ve done/accomplished. I thought this was a cool list because I'm used to simply crossing done items off my to-do lists. While I'm content with my current method of marking done items off my list, I've also created a done list. Personally, writing a done list is not as satisfying as crossing items off a to-do list. The done list was not as hype as I thought it would be but I like the list and it's one I can continue to add to or break down daily or weekly.

Gift Idea List

I've created plenty of gift idea lists and did not think they were uncommon enough to make it on this list of non-conventional lists. For birthdays and holidays, it never fails that I have no idea what I want to gift my family and friends. These lists are a big help to me from year to year and I can't think of a reason everyone shouldn't have one.

This is a great list to keep in the notes or memos on your phone versus on pen and paper. You may have an easier time keeping the list hidden from loved ones if it lives on your phone versus on a piece of paper in a journal that gets left out in the open.

“Later” List

I actually like the idea of a later list. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything you want to do, need to do, etc. If a new thought, idea or task pops into your head while you’re deep diving into work, write it down on a “later” list. Later, you can schedule time to go over and cross some things off your later list. Again, I really like the idea of this later list. I'm used to slapping everything on one to-do list and prioritizing the items accordingly.

I will continue to explore some of these non-conventional to-do lists for business and pleasure, and I encourage you to try some as well to see if they help with productivity and organization.

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