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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

You'll soon learn that Target is one of my favorite big box stores, and not just for the well-stocked inventory and reasonable prices. I actually discovered and starting shopping for Target clothes a few years ago.

When I first learned that Target sold clothes I mostly bought their shoes and Champion workout wear, mostly pants and a few sports bras. The clothes fit fine and were super comfy.

As time passed and I began getting more comfortable with my body and how to dress it, I stepped outside of my stretchy, workout clothes comfort zone and tried on jeans and work pants and tee shirts and pajama sets.

Since I shop at Target waaayy too much, and with absolutely no purpose most times, I find myself bringing home random, cute finds more and more often.

Over my last three visits (this week) I stumbled upon some chic items I want to share with you.

Disclaimer: while I typically shop in plus size, I did not find these items in Target's plus size section. I found these items under their straight sizes. If you're a curvy girl with a similar body type to me, you have a smaller upper half, smaller shoulders, bust and waist. This allows me to shop in straight sizes for tanks and tops from time to time.

  1. Fanny Pack

My favorite find from these visits was a fanny pack/waist bag/belt bag/whatever the kids are calling them. I wrestled with the idea of whether or not I wanted one when they first hit the scene again a few years ago.

I finally decided I was a fan but buying a fanny pack never made it to the top of my to-do list. I've seen some styles from some of my favorite brands, but for some reason I just never committed to a purchase. Until my Target run.

I caught a glimpse of the fanny packs when browsing the purse section (not that I needed a new one of those) and committed to the buy immediately and honestly I don't regret it.

This fanny pack fits sizes 2 to 18 and have two zippered sections. Once large section and one small section in front which I used to hold my ID and chap sticks.

I've seen some ladies style the bag by looping it through their pants loops. I like the look, it's cute, but I prefer the traditional style of rocking the bag around the waist.

2. Lounge shorts

There's not much to say here besides I love these shorts for being cute yet super comfy. They come in a few different colors, and the drawstrings and pockets are REAL!

I love pajama/lounge bottoms with pockets. Bottoms without pockets get the job done but just don't appeal to me quite as much.

Fake drawstrings suck. Being that my waist is smaller than my bottom, pants fit snugly around my thighs and hips but fit more loosely around my waist.

Drawstrings help tighten the fit around my waist so I'm not constantly pulling my pants up all day.

I love the look of joggers and other bottoms with drawstrings but if the drawstring is fake, I feel deceived. Who's with me on his drawstring thing?

Again, I love these shorts. If you don't mind short shorts and your ass potentially peeking out the bottom occasionally, I recommend these.

3. Bralette

I'm becoming more of a fan of bralettes. When I first discovered them I was nervous to give them a try, fearing that they wouldn't provide the amount of support to my girls that I'm used to. As I saw more and more unique bralette designs that piqued my interest I finally got over that idea.

I finally broke down and bought a bralette, I believe my first one was from Torrid, and loved it. While it did not provide the support that comes with an underwire bra, I didn't mind. I developed a plan to only wear the bralette for lounge purposes and so far so good.

I have yet to wear my bralettes to work but I wear them everywhere else, home, gym, errand run.

If I come across a super cute bralette like this, one with lace or other adornment, I wear it as is, usually with jeans or leggings. I would typically throw on a jean jacket or duster for some extra coverage as well.

This bralette from Target is cute, comfy, and also comes in the color black. It has adjustable and removable straps, which I love, and lace fabric extends past the band of the bra, giving it extra length. I love this feature too because I think the bralette is long enough to wear as a crop top.

4. Crop tops

Speaking of crop tops...

I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of crop tops and Target had quite a few that caught my eye.

From crop tees to crop sweatshirts, these tops are stylish and comfy. These tops are also great because they can easily be dressed up or down.

I buy long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts year round. I know I won't get much use of them now, but I'm fine with harboring them until Fall rolls around.

I typically shop for the current season but I hardly ever turn down out-of-season garments if they're super cute or on sale.

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