Kind Words For Your Body

I came across this lovely guest post on that I just needed to share.

In short, the post discusses how the media has a way of portraying plus-size women negatively and how those portrayals affect us.

"For example, a 2010 study found that body-dissatisfied women fixate on weight-related words more than body-satisfied women and that body dissatisfaction is correlated with higher BMI. The study didn't try to figure out why this occurs, but it's no surprise to me both that larger people are unhappier with their bodies and that we pay more attention to the words used to describe us, given how often those words are used as weapons.

Another study found that 'Women speaking negatively about the size and shape of their bodies is a phenomenon that both reflects and creates body dissatisfaction'."

Practice substituting positive words for the shame-filled words you may be used to. Be kind to your body, not only in the images you take but in the words you use to describe yourself. Use this list as a starting point (list copied from

  1. Ample.

  2. Thick.

  3. A queen.

  4. Rounded.

  5. Voluptuous.

  6. Lush.

  7. Blooming.

  8. Rubenesque.

  9. Soft.

  10. Beautiful.

  11. Large-bodied.

  12. Extra curvy.

  13. An oak tree (or tree of choice).

  14. Zaftig.

  15. Unapologetically itself.

  16. Juicy.

  17. Of size.

  18. Like an ocean.

  19. At the higher end of the weight spectrum.

  20. Like a mountain.

  21. Worthy.

  22. Luscious.

  23. Comfortable.

  24. Plush.

  25. Protective.

  26. Badass fatass.

  27. Big and beautiful.

  28. Higher weight.

  29. Perfect.

  30. Abundant.

  31. Unique.

  32. Bountiful.

  33. Delicious.

  34. Sexy.

  35. Plentiful.

  36. Valid.

  37. Generous.

  38. Substantial.

  39. Flourishing.

And finally,

40. Fat, if you choose to reclaim it.

I hope this helps you.

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