Items I Bought in 2020 That I Hope to Wear in 2021 Part 1

Updated: Feb 6

I like to shop, and I like to do so frequently. Last year, 2020, was no exception. Per usual, I bought clothes at the beginning of the year, mostly dresses in preparation for spring and summer. However, with the pandemic and the world shutting down, the clothes I bought never saw the light of day.

Since I may or may not get the chance to wear said clothes, I've decided to wear the clothes, take a bunch of pics and talk about them in the meantime.

This Slinky Strappy Maxi Dress from Boohoo is super cute. I would have called this a pink dress, but the website says mauve specifically.

I've shopped with Boohoo a number of times and I'm almost always satisfied with my purchase. They have a large collection of clothes online, and have separate sections for straight sizes and plus sizes. Their clothes are inexpensive, pretty true to size, and are cute and comfy.

I love a good maxi, and this dress is not exception. It's soft and comes in a few different colors. I love the length and the fit, the dress hugs in the right places but is still roomy. The dress is comfortable but my only complaint is the non-adjustable straps. There's too much material at the top, around the chest area, so an adjustable strap would have given me the perfect fit.

I created my own modification to the straps of the dress, a modification that I wouldn't mind showcasing. However, if I chose a less attractive modification method, I could always throw on a jacket or wrap with the dress.

Maxi dresses are versatile, another reason I love them so much. They deliver both style and comfort and can be worn to work, parties, on vacation, etc.

Summer 2021, me and this maxi are ready for you!

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