Favorite Fashion for Fall

In Michigan we experience all four seasons, sometimes all in one day. Really, ask any Michigander.

Fall is in the air and I can tell because we haven't had an 80-degree day in a while and we've swapped our fans and air conditioners for an extra blanket and some socks.

Season changes always excite me. Mainly because that means new clothes in my wardrobe to match the season. I get excited about switching my closet around, organizing it, and bringing in new items, colors, and styles.

Here are my favorite fashion items for Fall. You can't go wrong with wearing these staples, and you'll definitely see me in these items until the new year.


Fall marks the start of sweater weather and I love me a good sweater. Sweaters come in a plethora of colors and styles so not having one is just unacceptable.

I am still looking to grow my sweater collection, as I am just about every year. I am also looking to grow my turtleneck collection.

I’m going to slap turtlenecks in the sweaters section. I am a fan of turtlenecks. I know turtlenecks can go either way for folks, but I like them. I think they're comfortable and cozy, and I don’t mind the feel of the fabric around my neck. A pro with both sweaters and turtlenecks, you can dress them up or down.


I love jackets. I always have. I remember when I was younger I used to wear jackets as a way to hide my "problem areas," flabby arms, large midsection. I always chose cute, stylish jackets versus large, frumpy ones but a jacket was pretty much a requirement with any outfit.

These days I still wear jackets because I love them. I no longer wish to conceal any part of myself with these pieces, I just think they’re really cute.

Denim jackets and leather jackets are my fave for Fall. They come in a variety of colors, styles and designs. I’m still growing my jacket collection because I want more jacket colors, especially a black and white denim jacket. If you own a black or white denim jacket, please let me know where you purchased it.

Long sleeves

If you ask me, you can wear long sleeves all year round but I especially like wearing them in the Fall. Much like the other items on the list, long sleeve shirts offer a variety of colors. These pair were with jeans for a casual look or dress pants/skirts for a more professional look.

I like my long sleeve shirts to fit more snug than loose. I hate a baggy long sleeve shirt, especially when the sleeves are loose around the arm and wrist as well. It really bothers me when my sleeves don't hug my wrists, and it’s low-key a pet peeve of mine.

Boot and booties

I love a good boot for the fall. Booties are my fave. They're cute, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Some booties are flat and short, stopping right around the ankle. These are my preferred bootie look.

Other boots come up higher than just the ankle, and I own a few of these too. I have a few pairs of boots and booties but I already know I’m going to buy more this year.

I will caution though, some boots are more for fashion so they don't have a lot of grip. While these are great for Fall, you'll need something slightly less fashionable and more durable if you face snow in the winter.

Since I live in Michigan and get all four seasons, I have a pair of heavy duty boots and I’m sure every Michigander does.

Sidenote: I've been on a mission to find some over-the-knee boots that'll fit my thunder thighs. Please drop any suggestions in the comments.

Pullovers, sweatshirts and hoodies

These are the best. I love wearing them year round, mostly around the house to just lounge in.

I used to wear a lot of baggy and over sized sweatshirts and hoodies.

The older I get, the more I am getting away on the over sized clothes. I think the baggy sweatshirts don’t translate into an outfit as well as a more fitted shirt.

I still own a few baggy sweatshirts because they're the best for lounging but the more fitted shirts are the ones that I pair with bottoms and go out in.

I also love cropped sweatshirts and hoodies. These look great when paired with high-waisted jeans or leggings and can be worn throughout the Fall season.


I don’t wear an awful lot of jeans in the summer but I love them in Fall. I think jeans are a great piece of apparel for Fall and pair well with everything. They also look great with boots and booties.


These are a year-round piece but they are also a great piece for layering in the Fall.

I've learned that you get what you pay for with leggings so if you invest in a pair no cheaper than $20/$25, they should be of good quality. You want to avoid thin leggings in the Fall.

I recently discovered fleece lined leggings. If you’re a legging lover like me and find great comfort when wearing them try fleece lined leggings.

Fall is a great season. I can't wait to wear my favorite Fall pieces, and new Fall pieces, because I do have things in my shopping cart, this year.

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