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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I met Kristin (Kris) through a friend during college and from the moment we met she was the brightest, nicest babe I'd met in a while. Kris is smart, successful, and talented so I'm proud to share some dope things about her.

Kris graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017. Go Blue!! She majored in Movement Science with Kinesiology. During her time at U of M she was a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Michigan Gospel Chorale and ResStaff.

Kris is currently working as a nursing assistant which aligns with her career goal of becoming a nurse. She also aims to become a real estate investor, and "everything else that comes to mind, lol."

In addition to the personal reasons why I know Kris is a dope soul, she is also the creator/owner of @krisdoeskrafts, where you can purchase handmade waist beads and other fun accessories.

Kris loves waist beads and how beautiful they make people look and feel, so she was inspired to design her own waist beads as well as other crafts.

"And I really wanted to be able to see myself losing weight. Normally I'll gain 10 pounds and not notice until my pants barely fit."

For those who don't know, waist beads are commonly used to gauge changes in weight. As an alternative to stepping a scale, some use waist beads to stay aware of weight gain or loss. Most waist beads don't stretch so if you do gain weight, the beads will feel tight.

Kris's beads stretch guys!

Waist beads typically take an hour to make while all other crafts take between 10 and 20 minutes.

Kris's waist beads are dope. I already placed my order with her and can't wait to show them off. If you want some waist beads, feel free to text her at (313) 603-3230 or hit her up on her @krisdoeskrafts Instagram page.

Kris is also one of my favorite Naturalistas. She has a natural hair enthusiast page (@krisdoeskurls) which features dope pics of her poppin ass curls, natural hair care tips, hairstyles, hair care product recommendations and more.

"Well it took me a while to figure out my hair, but babbby when I did it was poppin! So when I would be walking around, people would ask me how I got my hair like that. At a certain point, people started asking me at work and I didn't have the time to tell them, so someone suggested I make a page. That was all she wrote!"

Kris has been natural for about 6 years and is killing the natural hair game, if you ask me.

She got her first relaxer in high school and wasn't pleased with the results, so she went natural the first chance she could.

"So when I was in high school, I kept sweating my hair out in dance class freshman year.  My hairdresser convinced my mom to give me a relaxer on just my edges. The perm slowly inched its way to all of my hair. I decided to stop relaxing because I just hated how dead my hair felt. I couldn't even remember what my hair had been like before the relaxer. Going to college was the perfect excuse, because I couldn't keep up my regular appointments while away. So I did what everybody did and went natural."

Kris's favorite hair care products?

Deep conditioner: Taura Amore Upbeat Collection

Shampoo: Honey Baby Naturals Shampoo

Mousse: Bask & Bloom Essentials Hydrating curl Mousse

Gel: Uncle Funkys Curly Magic or Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

I'm always interested in how people balance their personal and professional lives, and am lowkey looking for tips to fully get my life together. Much like me, Kris has no balance.

When she started nursing school, everything fell apart. "Before that, I don't know how I was passing. Once I'm done with school, I will try and get a better hold of myself."

When she's done with school and work for the day, Kris spends her free time much like the rest of us, sleeping, eating, playing games, and talking with friends!

Catch up with Kris @krisdoeskurls on Facebook, IG, and YouTube!

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