Body Positive New Year's Resolutions

Goodbye 2020.

Hello 2021.

I saw a post, "10 Body Positive New Year's Resolution", by a body positive fashionista I follow on Instagram. I loved the post and since I've been struggling with my New Year's posts, I decided to piggyback on this idea and create my own Body Positive New Year's Resolution list.

I enjoyed creating this list of resolutions. It allowed me to dedicate the time I'd been planning to dedicate to myself and my thoughts.

It allowed me to create something to look forward to, something to hold myself accountable for, and something to look back on this time next year.

Here it is.

  1. Continue to practice self care.

  2. Remind myself that I am are more than my flaws and am worthy of love and all good things.

  3. Give myself regular compliments.

  4. Remind myself it's okay for my body to change.

  5. Listen less to the internal critic in me.

  6. Do not compare my body to others.

  7. Do not rely on external validation to elevate me.

  8. Exercise because I love my body, not because I hate it.

Other Resolutions

  1. Have clear boundaries with people.

  2. Stop letting little things bother me enough to ruin my mood.

  3. Read, write, and walk more. Plus more yoga.

  4. Drink plenty of water.

  5. Spend time doing other activities I enjoy.

Some items on my lists are things that I have done before or currently do. Though not new to me, I thought these items belonged on my resolutions list because these are still promises to myself that I want to keep.

I'm a writer, I write everything down from to-do lists to grocery lists and I find that writing my goals down helps me achieve them,

As someone who's used to looking at lists of growing plans and things to do, I want to offer some advice on what to do with your list. One, space out your goals. Instead of trying to tackle all of them at once, plan which 2 or 3 tasks will be a priority and then proceed to the next set of tasks.

Two, if your goals seem too big to tackle or you're not sure where to begin working on your goal, try breaking that goal down into smaller, easier to attain goals. For example, a goal of mine is to write more. To make that less broad and help provide myself with a starting point, I could break that down into two smaller tasks - write 500 words a week and edit drafts on Fridays.

Share some of your resolutions for the new year in the comments. Interested to read other people's goals.

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