Blogging Goals for 2021

Happy New Year!

I'm not too big on New Year's Resolutions and find that when I use that label for my goals, I don't find as much success as when I call it like it is. Goals.

I have goals, long term and short term goals. I did not plan to wait specially until the new year to set these goals. One of my accomplishments of 2020 was creating this blog, my baby is almost 1 year old, so I saw this as an appropriate time to reflect on my blog, the things I think work well, areas that could use more work, and goals for the new year.

Not sure about you, but I love writing down goals (well everything really) and seeing them written in black and white is more satisfying and beneficial than reciting these things in my head.

My blogging goals for 2021 are as follows:

Blog and post consistently

When I began my blog last year, I had a list of blog post ideas and I began to make my way through the list little by little. I was originally fearful of creating a blog post schedule for myself, not wanting to turn the thing I love into a task/chore. I wanted to keep blogging a leisure activity, but the longer my blog post idea list grew, the more I began to consider creating a schedule.

The goal this year is to create a blog schedule to help me create more content, and become more consistent with creating content. I'm going to start off small, with something realistic considering I do work full time. Posting on a schedule will also create a pattern with my followers (when they grow to what I would like them to be) and give them something to look forward to from me regularly/something to hold me accountable.

Focus on good SEO and also on Pinterest

Other bloggers know about the important of SEO. I am currently focusing on good SEO with my blog posts and I plan to continue to do the same this year.

I have a Pinterest account and visit the app every so often to look for a new braided hairstyle to try. I would like to be more active on Pinterest because I actually think it's a great app. I need to like and share more there, as well as create more boards to share with my followers. Upping my Pinterest game will give me more content to share with my followers while also, hopefully, providing inspiration to them through the things posted on my account.

Building a brand on IG

I created a new profile on Instagram to become ingrained in a body positive/plus size acceptance community because this is not something I had growing up. Since there was not this awesome community of women on social media for me to gain inspiration from when I was young, I would like to be a part of that community today to inspire anyone who needs it.

I want to build a brand that people can relate to, share my experience and inspire plus size women to love themselves and wear whatever the hell they want.

Increase views from last year and increase my following

I'm hoping that with a blog post and social media post schedule I can post more regularly and consistently, and eventually gain more exposure and views on both my blog and social media. I do not plan to put much, if any, money into advertising right now so receiving organic/unpaid views will take longer but I'm willing and ready to work at this goal.

Hopefully monetize

When I originally created my blog and social media page it was not to make money. It was because blogging and writing was something I enjoyed doing in my free time. I created my blog as an outlet for me to share my personal style, thoughts, passions, and struggles in addition to issues important to me such as body positivity, self-love, and confidence.

Getting with the times, monetizing your blog is not something rare. It's actually quite common, so why not try to make some money through affiliate programs, sponsorships, and more for doing something you enjoy doing?

There are a number of articles that detail the best ways to go about monetizing your blog. Honestly, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing the research to see which method would potentially work best for me. However, like I mentioned before, I enjoy blogging in my free time so I won't lose sleep if I never make money from it. But still, fingers crossed.

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