Bishop Park: A New Place to Chill

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I recently discovered a new, pretty cool park. To be honest, my boyfriend discovered it and took me there on a date. The date was very unexpected and super cute, but anyway here's Bishop Park.

Located in the downtown area of Wyandotte, this park is situated along the Detroit River so you receive a beautiful riverfront view, in addition to a fishing pier, picnic deck, playground, and basketball courts.

According to their site, Bishop Park is a 12.2-acre park and is the second largest of the 13 parks in the city.

My favorite thing about the park hands down was the riverfront view. The water was so pretty and clear, and looked like it spanned for miles. If you look directly into the water, you can see small fish and algae.

Sometimes people take their boats out on the water so if you get lucky you might also get a view of passing boats.

I stood to look at the water but there are a number of benches close to the water as well.

Other cool things:

Fishing pier

On our visit, there were a couple groups of people fishing up and down the river.

Along one side of the pier you can can go fishing. and on the other side where fishing is discouraged, you can watch the water, people, and fish go by.

Plenty of picnic tables and benches

This park offers a lot of picnic tables and benches where you can sit and rest. None of the seats are located directly next to each other which I think makes this park a great place to go to maintain safe distancing.


They had swings!

I definitely plan to go back to Bishop Park. The seating areas make me want to go back with a journal or reading book.

Though there are no trails to walk, I want to take my trail-walking babes there to enjoy a stroll along the water. Also, my boyfriend promised to teach me how to fish and I want to do it from that pier.

I'm not sure about you but I'm not ready to start living life as I was before the world shut down. I like social distancing and would like to do it forever, but I hate being stuck in the house. So if you're like me, now is a great time to explore parks and trails locally. These are great places to go to get out of the house for some fresh air and a change of scenery, and they are also social distancing friendly.

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