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Working from home and quarantining on and off for the past year has not curbed my shopping habits. I continued to buy a variety of clothes, accessories, home goods, and more throughout that time, and to this day. Since I don't plan to change my shopping habits, I wanted to take some time to highlight some of my favorite purchases from the month.

Dome Mini Sling Backpack from Target

This sling bag is super cute. During the spring and summer I like to downsize my purses to smaller ones and fanny packs. I saw this bag and fell in love with it. Mine is black but there was also a brown one that I had my eye on.

The strap is adjustable, which is always a plus for me. I like to style the bag as a crossbody so the adjustable strap is perfect for that. Again, I love the bag, it's lightweight and comfy to carry. There's a pocket on the outside of the purse as well as one on the interior. Target has a variety of other small backpacks and purses. I plan to go back for one (or two) of them.

Cut Plush Bed Rest Pillow from Target

I've had this on my "to-buy" list for a while. I remember my grandma had one when I was younger and remember thinking it was such a cool invention. I have an at-home office-ish that I use to work from home, and after hours of sitting on my behind and suffering from poor posture, I want to continue to do personal work comfortably.

Sometimes I like to sit in my bed to read, write, and use my laptop so this pillow helps with that a ton. The pillow is soft and plushy, with arm rests. The pillow provides back support and there's a handle at the top of the pillow that makes it easy to move from room to room.

Plus Strappy Basic Maxi Dress from Boohoo

Spring is in the air and April blessed us with some warmer spring weather. With a new season comes a new wardrobe and nothing says spring like a classic maxi dress. I love maxi dresses because they can be dressed up or down and can be styled different ways.

My favorite thing about the dress is the olive color and the split in the back of the dress. This dress also comes in a few different colors.

Tone It Up Jump Rope from Target

Lately, I've been wanting to do some workouts at home. I've done yoga a number of times but I'm ready for some cardio and strength exercises. I used to jump rope a lot as a kid and even remember the pink and purple rope I used to play with each summer. I'm not quite sure what happened to that jump rope but when I came across this jump rope at Target it brought make good memories.

I anticipate jumping rope as an adult will be slightly different than when I was younger but I know it'll be good cardio work and I'm excited to try it out.

Dual Brush Marker Pens from Amazon

I love writing and have hella journals that have not been written in so I hope to start breaking them out now that I have new writing utensils. The pens are double sided, one side has a fine tip and the other side has a flexible brush tip. My favorite thing about these pens is the assortment of colors.

These pens aren't only good for taking notes, but for coloring as well. I own an adult coloring book and encourage you to invest in one. They're a great tool to help you de-stress and studies have shown that coloring is good for your mental health. Amazon says these pens "meet all you need for adult coloring books, bullet journals, scrapbooks, planner, manga, calligraphy, coloring, writing, note-taking, sketching, drawing, etc."

Gotta Keep It Simple V Neck Crop Top from Fashion Nova

There's not much to say about why this made the list besides the fact that it's just really cute. I love that it's cropped and long sleeve, I like the wine color, and I like the sweater feel.

Also, the style of the top allows you to pull the sleeves off the shoulder for a slightly different look.

Multi Tie-Dye High-Neck Foxy Crop Top from Torrid

This top was actually gifted to me from my best friend who knows how much I love Torrid's clothes. Half of my closest is mostly Torrid clothes and I own a few of their crop tops.

Like some crop tops, this one fit more like a regular shirt on me. With my short torso, that happens on occasion with crop tops but that does not discourage me from wearing them.

This one from Torrid is really cute, I love the color. It's bright and says spring to me.

Be on the lookout for next month's best purchases.

If there are any clothes, accessories, home goods, etc. that you love and/or swear by, please feel free to share them with me in the comments.

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