6 AM Walks: Early but Worth It

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy walking walk whenever I came in. This past weekend took my first 630. I typically try to take my walks early in the day but 6:30 it was a new one for me and I did not make that time. I will working with my roommate and her family in my closet I was not in charge of the time. Regardless I had a good time though.

The conversation went something like this the day before:

Bri: Me, Poppa and Lex are going for a walk tomorrow at 6:30.

Me: AM? Bri: Yes so we have to leave here by 6.

Me: ...

Bri: I totally understand if you want to pass.

Me: That's early but ...

As you can see I committed to the walk. And I didn't regret it.

When we left the house to drive to our walking spot in Woodhaven, it was pitch black outside. However, it was impressive watching the sky lighten up as we drove. I also can’t complain because it was bright, nice and cool during our walk, and my body temperature warmed up over the course of the two miles we walked. I wouldn't have been content with that if we walked with the sun beaming on us.

I don’t typically set goals for my walks. For example, I don’t say 'I’m going to walk for 30 minutes" or "I’m going to walk 5 miles." I just walk, and typically I'm with family or friends talking, laughing, losing track of time.

And that walking method works for me.

Last weekend we walked 2 miles and it was great. I do believe I am going to start setting goals like that more regularly.

During our walk my roommate's father introduced me to a Google Fit. It does not have to be connected to a Fitbit or similar device, but it does track your walking date, time, and distance.

You'll also see the number of steps you walked and the number of calories you burned. I thought the app was pretty cool and I would like to use it again.

It's simple, which works for me since I'm not a huge workout buff and not looking to track specific numbers and measurements.

I enjoy walking and I especially love walking outside. Not only is it a great way to maintain social distancing this days, but studies show that being in nature reduces anxiety and stress, as well as reduces blood pressure and muscle tension.

Walking in nature is a remedy. The neighborhood we walked around was super nice. The houses were nice and everyone’s lawn was cut. Some lawns even had those fancy lawn stripes.

A lot of the lawns were being watered early, during our walk time. A lot of homes also featured appealing, floral arrangements.

This time I didn’t walk in a park or on a trail. It was just a stroll around the neighborhood but I still enjoyed my time there. You don't have to have a destination or goal, just make sure you take time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors.

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